Your needs are specific and unique.  We provide cost-effective and affordable human resource consulting services which are designed to meet your needs.  We help you identify what needs to be fixed and help you prioritize the changes that need to be implemented.  Contact us for a private and confidential inquiry.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients: 

Human Resources Management Audit
This process is designed to provide you with strategies and detailed recommendations for improvement. Covering every HR management practice and process--employee communication, compensation, recruitment, retention, management, leadership, etc.--an HR Management audit provides you with a benchmark for your existing operations and concludes with concrete suggestions and action plans for building a better organization.

Employee Opinion Surveys
Do you want to know what your people think, feel and say about you organization?  What you learn can help you identify and prioritize the changes that need to be implemented. 

Our approach to surveying is flexible and affordable. We can provide a simple straw pole approach, random sampling, focus groups or we can execute a more thorough and detailed questionnaire approach.  In all instances, you receive the result in an action plan format.  You'll learn about the solutions, not just the problems.

How much do you pay and why? Take the guess work out of this by introducing a practical and logical approach to compensation and rewards.

Whether you need a salary survey completed, or a wage scale introduced, we can provide the methodology and policy to support your objectives. In addition, we have a significant database of incentive, bonus and other variable compensation systems currently in use.

Maintain the dignity of everyone involved.  Reduce your stress.  We coach you through the discipline procedures, script meetings with your staff and guide you through the whole process.  We can be physically present to assist you with any part of the process.  We do it professionally and we do it right. We act as your HR department and help you to reduce or eliminate costly legal challenges.   
Absenteeism is a major cost for organizations everywhere. Many assume that there is nothing that can be done about absenteeism.  This assumption is incorrect.
Absenteeism should be managed like any other cost on your financial statement. We assist you by analyzing your situation and by recommending and implementing cost effective solutions that are tailored for your circumstance.  With our assistance, and with your management and leadership, you can reduce the cost of absenteeism and increase your company's productivity.
We have 1000's of policies in our database. Couple this with our knowledge of the regulatory environment for certain industries as well as legislative regulations that exist and that makes us an excellent source for policy review and development.  You not only save time and money but you also get a solid justification to defend your approach with your employees.
Management Development Program
Your supervisors, managers and leaders are key to running a successful business.  Increase their effectiveness by offering them training in the areas where they may need development.  We can provide you and your staff with training and consultation in a number of different areas, including employee communication, effective leadership and time management.  

Some of our most management Development courses:
 Communicating for Results
 Conflict Management
 Persuasive Presentations
 Managing Time and Priorities
 Managing Change