Labour Relations

If you do not manage your people effectively your company will pay the price in poor productivity, poor quality, excessive turnover, a strike that cannot be averted, or a union where none exists today.

Our knowledge and experience with unions and with sound labour relations practice has helped many of our unionized and non-unionized clients.  Regardless of the jurisdiction, we stay current on all applicable Canadian Trade Union legislation.
Employee Relations
Is morale in the tank? Are your people frustrated or angry? Do you of even know? Do you even care?
We are specialists in identifying and remediating weak employee relations environments. Our 'hands-on' approach has been successfully executed for dozens of our clients.  We help you identify and fix problems so you and your people can get back to business.

Conflict Resolution
This process is the Non Union equivalent to the Grievance and of Arbitration systems that exists in n almost all Collective Agreements.
Providing a means to resolve differences between employees and management or between management and ownership helps to build trust.  An effective Conflict Resolution process improves communication and can help remove barriers towards achieving organizational goals. We can provide you with established processes which are "ready to roll" or we can work with you and your people to build a customized solution.

We are able to accommodate part or all of your needs.  We can act as your Lead Negotiator or your Spokesperson and/or your Bargaining Strategist.  Our experience covers many sectors, including Health Care, Manufacturing, Food Processing and the Aviation Industry in Canada, the UK and Continental Europe. 

Strike / Contingency Planning
Are negotiations going pooly? Are you on a collision course?  Is your company ready for a strike or an emergency?  The best defense besides methodical and sincere good faith bargaining is a workable contingency plan.
A good contingency plan for strikes, workstoppages, emergencies and disasters is a worthwhile investment.  It can help you mitigate a number different risks to your company, your customers, your suppliers and your employees.

Labour Relations Training
We can provide you and your staff with training and consultation in a number of different areas, including employee relations, negotiations and contract administration.  

Some of our most popular programs:
* Negotiation Preparation,
* Negotiating a First Contract,
* How to administer a First contract
* Trade Union Legislation and the Rules of Engagement.
* What To Do When ____ Happens.